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Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare – Get the Experienced Legal Help You Need Today

When you were married, you certainly didn’t plan on your relationship ending in divorce. However, life throws many curve balls and it’s a good bet that your marriage isn’t anything like it was in the beginning.

Some couples who experience relationship difficulties are able to work it out through counseling or even just talking their problems through with each other. This does not mean that all marriage problems can be resolved this way. For some couples, even those who have children together, the best solution is to part ways with as little damage as possible.

That’s where a Chesterfield divorce attorney can help you.

Handling an Uncontested Divorce Quickly and Efficiently

If your spouse and you have little to no property to divide and don’t have children together, you are excellent candidates for an uncontested divorce. You may also be a candidate for an uncontested divorce if your spouse and you do have property to divide or children together, but you agree on each aspect of the divorce (which is subjected to the Judge’s approval), such as:

  • The division of marital property, including the family home and whether it will go to one spouse or it will be liquidated and the proceeds split equally;
  • The division of all debts;
  • Whether maintenance (alimony) will be paid, who will it will be paid by, how much will be paid, and how long it will be paid;
  • Who will have sole or joint physical and legal custody of the child and how visitation will proceed, or how time will be shared if another agreement is desired;
  • How parenting responsibilities will be shared, including health insurance, education, and other critical matters; and
  • The amount of child support that will be paid.

Uncontested divorces are generally considered the fastest way to dissolve a marriage in Missouri. Moreover, many couples who have not been married for a long time or do not have substantial assets may qualify for a simplified divorce procedure.

Regardless of whether your spouse and you are able to reach an agreement on all matters involved in your divorce, it is still in your best interest to obtain legal representation to ensure your rights are being protected. At the very least, an attorney can help you ensure that your divorce paperwork is properly completed and filed with the appropriate court.

At Galmiche Law Firm, P.C., we can help you navigate through the process of resolving your divorce quickly, so you can begin the next chapter of your life.

Aggressive Legal Representation for Contested Divorces & Divorce Litigation in Missouri

Sometimes an uncontested divorce is unrealistic for a couple. This is particularly true in high net-worth divorces or when there are many disputed issues. When couples simply cannot reach an agreement on a divorce related matter, such as how to divide property or the custody of the children, litigation may be the only way to resolve the issue.

Litigation can be more expensive and lengthier than other divorce options, however, you may stand to gain more by bringing your case to court before a judge. In this case, it is important that you have zealous legal representation. Without an attorney you may lose much more than you anticipated for in your divorce, especially if an attorney is representing your spouse.

At Galmiche Law Firm, P.C., we will review the matter in detail and help you develop a sound strategy that allows you to present your case before the court in the best possible light. When other attorneys may press their clients to reach a settlement in order to avoid litigation, we know that sometimes litigation is necessary to pursue the most positive result possible for our clients. We will aggressively pursue a resolution in your best interests without compromise.

Contact an Experienced St. Louis Area Divorce Attorney

Due to the number and complexity of the issues involved in a divorce, it is critical to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side to protect your interests during this trying time in your life.

At the Galmiche Law Firm, for thirty (30) years we have provided our clients with knowledgeable representation and compassionate guidance when proceeding through a divorce and we can help you as well.

Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation to discuss your situation. We can be reached at (636) 532-2300 or click here.

There are many financial considerations involved in a divorce proceeding which result in a number of documents that your attorney will need. When contemplating filing for divorce, you can greatly ease the process by locating the documents ahead of time and conveying copies to your attorney. The documents you should obtain include the following:

  • A copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Any information about prior marriages of your spouse or you, including a certified copy of the divorce decree.
  • A copy of any prenuptial agreement.
  • The birth certificates of any children from the marriage.
  • Copies of mortgage or rent statements.
  • Copies of the general warranty deed and closing statements for any real property your spouse or you own.
  • Copies of your last four pay stubs.
  • Any information about your spouse’s current wages and income.
  • A copy of your tax returns from the previous three years, with Form W-2s.
  • Copies of any investment portfolio information.
  • Appraisal of any property.
  • Any retirement information, such as pension plans and 401k plans.
  • A list of all your spouse’s and your debts, including the amounts owed, creditor information, when the debts were incurred, payment structure information and whose name the debts are in.
  • Tuition information for any children attending school.
  • Copies of your costs for health insurance for yourself and the costs for health insurance for both your children and you.
  • Medical bills relating to any chronic or ongoing conditions for your children or you.
  • Prescription drug expenses.
  • Copies of any prior adult protection proceeding, or any other prior legal proceedings between your spouse and you, or that involved any of your children.

We may discover that we require additional documents, but this will provide a good basis to begin analyzing your case.